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Halloween Corner, Out & About
From costume contests to a special spooky camp, and, of course, trick-or-treating, here is our list of family-friendly events for your Halloween.
Contests, For Parents
We’re looking for a few great kids in Kapolei this weekend!
Crafts, Halloween Corner
Finding ways to surprise people with these scary hands is fun. Making them is simple. 
Around the House, Food, Halloween Corner
Use a toothpick and melted chocolate chips to create a tray of Halloween-ready cookies for parties and class gifts.
Guides, Halloween Corner
Carver Ed Moody tells us how to pick, carve and keep those jack-'o'-lanterns longer.
Out & About, Weekend Guide
Join us for our last Cover Kid entry event of the year, watch a master carver go to work on two 1,200-pound pumpkins or sail through Saturn’s rings and float through the International Space Station.
For Parents, Halloween Corner
Take it from a woman who once dressed her son up in a dog costume, these 13 tips could change those crying costumed baby photos into happy family Halloweens
Crafts, Halloween Corner
Strike a spooky pose with this moveable mummy you can wrap up in just four steps.

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