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Easter Corner
We're tracking your Easter Bunny appearances and other activities for springtime fun.
Easter Corner
Hop on down to one of this year’s many Easter egg hunts across the Island.
Best of Honolulu Family
HONOLULU Family is planning our first ever fun run and your school could benefit. Sign up now!
Crafts, Easter Corner
Kids will wonder, "how DID the Easter Bunny get those candies inside these colorful eggs?"
Out & About, Weekend Guide
Take kids in free to the Waikiki Aquarium and a splashy art exhibit, pound bark into cloth and ride a Ferris wheel.
Easter Corner
Cut open these cupcakes to find the sweet surprise just in time for the Easter Bunny.
Around the House, Crafts, Easter Corner, Family Fun
We’ve got the perfect Easter décor solution using orphaned socks; so don’t throw those mate-less toe warmers away! Have the kids dig through their sock drawer, so you can whip up a batch of Easter bunnies.
Graham Cracker Houses
Keiki in the Kitchen
Why save “gingerbread” houses for Christmas? Add an edible nest (with eggs!) for an Easter surprise.

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