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Our search for kids to feature on our covers in 2015 is on!
Good Health, Halloween Corner
With the scariest holiday of the year right around the corner, Nathan's kids share their favorite bedtime stories that have helped get their family into the Halloween spirit.  
Guides, Halloween Corner
Grab the popcorn, kaki mochi and flashlights (just in case) for some entertaining Halloween viewing.
Fun, Out & About
Visit a museum for free, do 19th-century chores, visit a carnival or build a roller coaster this weekend.
Family Fun, Halloween Corner
  Since the kids are sure to get a hearty dose of sugar this Halloween, how about whipping up a healthy sweet the kids will go crazy for? My family loves these moist, sweet chocolate muffins that easily pass for cupcakes. They’re also perfect for a class party or potluck.
Halloween Corner
Looking for more healthy Halloween treats? Try these witch’s brooms.
For Parents, From the Magazine
Today’s kid. Tomorrow’s leader.
Food, For Parents, From the Magazine
Healthy afterschool snacks serve up a hands-on education about new flavors.  

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