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HONOLULU Family is planning our first ever fun run and your school could benefit. Sign up now!
Out & About, Weekend Guide
Pound poi and bounce on inflatables, see a replica of the world's largest Tyrannosaurus rex skeleton or visit Hawaii Children's Discovery Center for free.
Education, For Parents
An idea from the 19th century is gaining momentum in schools in Hawaii and across the nation. Why teachers (and parents) are now leaving the role of expert, to take on the role of guide.
Fun, Out & About
We get the scoop on the course, obstacles, bonus activities, and which fans you'll see out in force at this first ever fun run that takes you in, out and around Aloha Stadium.
Family Fun, Guides
The way you pay to ride at the Punahou Carnival has changed this year. Here are our 10 tips to help you avoid the crowds and get ahead at this annual family event.
Education, For Parents
You've heard of STEM, but what is STEAM and why is that now the buzzword circling through Hawaii classrooms? We turn to an expert for answers.
Education, For Parents
Does education terminology intimidate you? HONOLULU Family and HAIS are launching a new column to help you decode the buzzwords and trends in your child's classroom.
Best of Honolulu Family
Nominate your favorite services, shops, restaurants and more, validate your vote, and you could win one of two spa days at Heaven on Earth.

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