Good Reads: Fall 2012

Book recommendations for you and your keiki.

Photos: David Croxford

Dolphin Tale: The Junior Novel

by Gabrielle Reyes (Ages 7 to 11)

Reviewed by HONOLULU Family reader Joy Kimura and her daughter Jennifer.

Young readers will enjoy this true and inspirational story about a dolphin named Winter, who is rescued by a boy named Sawyer.

After Sawyer discovers Winter severely injured by a wire trap, he is determined to help his new friend recover and swim again after the loss of his tail. With the aid of Clearwater Marine Aquarium, a prosthetic fin, and some hope and determination, a happy ending is achieved for the newfound friends.

My daughter Jennifer, who is in the third grade, finished the book in two days. It was easy reading and very entertaining. Since she is learning about biographies in school, we talked about how a biography can be about animals as well as humans. We discussed the characters in the story and the values they displayed—compassion, persistence, determination and charity.

Dolphin Tale: The Junior Novel, is available through ($4.19)

Free Reads >> Check these out at the Hawaii State Library.

Ages 0 to 5


by Helen V. Griffith

Rabbit dreams about a sky filled with veggies, strawberries and tender flowers until the summer moon with its bright light wakes him to dance.

Ages 3 to 6

Stop Snoring, Bernard!

by Zachariah O’Hora

Bernard’s snoring is disturbing his friends at the zoo. Grumpy Giles tells him to “go snore somewhere else,” so Bernard tries to sleep in a lake, puddle, cave and waterfall.  His friends at the zoo soon miss him and his snoring and ask him to return home.

Ages 3 to 5

I’m Fast

by Kate McMullan

Rhythmic words help the story of a fast train come to life. Can a freight train pulling a load beat a speedy little race car through the desert, the mountains and a blizzard?

Ages 8 to 14


by R.J. Palacio

Auggie Pullman’s head and facial features are misshapen and scarred. Homeschooled until now, Auggie’s parents decide it’s time for him to attend fifth grade with other children his age. 


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