Hanabata Days With Lani Moo and the Honolulu Zoo


Morning showers did not deter the unveiling of the new Lani Moo Keiki Corner exhibit at the Honolulu Zoo today. School children don rain jackets and trash bags as they made their way through the Keiki Zoo to Lani Moo’s comfy corral. Misty Kelai, from the mayor’s office of culture and the arts, proclaimed Feb. 2013 “Lani Moo Month.” Kahu Gordon Wong officiated the blessing ceremony. Both Kelai and Wong shared colorful small-kid-time stories of visiting the Honolulu Zoo and Lani Moo. For 20 years, Meadow Gold’s ambassador of health, nutrition and education has been greeting children and parents at the Honolulu Zoo.

Thanks to Meadow Gold Hawaii, the new exhibit is colorful and chock-full of fun, interactive, educational elements. Kids can learn the many benefits of milk, such as, “What is calcium good for?” Teeth. “B vitamins are great for?” Energy. “How many stomachs does a cow have?” Four. “How many glasses of milk does a cow produce? 90 glasses a day. Ever wonder what it would be like to milk a cow? Try your hand at the simulator located beneath the life-size cow statue.

After chatting with Laura Debrian, Honolulu Zoo reptile and keiki zoo curator, we discovered a few interesting facts about Lani Moo. 1) She knows her name, so if the keepers need her to do something, they’ll command her by name. 2) She heels without a lead (like a trained dog). 3) She has an internal clock and knows when it’s time to eat (don’t we all). 4) Unlike humans, she (and other cows) nap standing up 15 minutes at a time throughout the day. 

The Honolulu Zoo is open daily from 9 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Admission is $8 adults, $4 children, children 2 and under are free. honoluluzoo.org. For more information about the Lani Moo Keiki Corner exhibit and other news about Lani Moo, please visit lanimoo.com.


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