Editor's Page: Dinosaurs Rule! Or Not.

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I’m not sure when I became a techno dinosaur, but it was somewhere between my daughters’ births and their entrance this year into fourth grade. I spent 30 minutes recently trying to figure out how to work Face Time, only to give up. Five minutes later, the sound of laughter echoed through the hallways as my daughter engaged in Face Time with the friend on the Mainland I had attempted to contact. It’s no wonder our children are becoming techno wizards with all they are learning in school and through hands-on experiences at home.

Check out our education feature, “Technology in Classrooms,” for an eye-opening look at how technology is changing the way our children are learning in and out  of classrooms. Get advice from local families and school leaders on how you can participate in your child’s learning so you can avoid becoming a techno dinosaur, too.

The last two summers, my daughters were in enrolled in a summer program called Technoscribes, a course designed to explore writing beyond the pencil. It’s no wonder they are so computer savvy.

My strategy for summer is to provide them with a mix of academic learning, along with some fun, outdoor, active experiences.  Fortunately there are many incredible options to choose from this year. Check out our comprehensive "Summer Programs Guide" for programs you and your child will love!


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