Create a Christmas House craft with your kids

Courtesy of Joshua Hayhurst from Crafts in the City.

Christmas House

•  One light-brown cardstock paper
•  One 4-¼-inch-by-2-¾-inch brown cardstock paper (roof)
•  Two triangles with flaps (template)
•  One 9-½-inch-by-2-¼-inch Christmas-themed cardstock paper (strip)
•  Two-sided tape (Merikan)
•  AccuCut machine*
•  Ruler and scissors

1.  Cut out AccuCut box #4 die (2¼-inch-by-2¼-inch by 2¼-inch box) on light-brown cardstock paper. * Note: If you do not have this machine, Crafts in the City will let you use the store’s machine for free with the purchase of any cardstock paper.

2.  Fold sides and use double-sided tape for flaps to make a box.

3.  Fold the 9½-inch-by-2¼-inch strip of Christmas cardstock every 2-5/16-inch, leaving ¼-inch on the end to tape.

4.  Cut out windows and a door on any light-brown cardstock. Tape windows and door to your Christmas strip.

5.  Wrap the 9½-inch-by-2¼-inch strip of brown cardstock around the sides of the box. Fold and tape the excess.

6.  Cut out the triangle template (pictured right), place on light-brown cardstock, trace and cut out. Repeat again for the other triangle.

7.  Fold the 4¼-inch-by-2¾-inch brown cardstock in half to create the rooftop.

8.  Fold the flaps of each side on the triangle. Tape the two top 1¾-inch flaps to the rooftop piece. Be sure to leave ¼-inch between the edge of your rooftop and where your triangle meets.

9. Repeat step 7 on the opposite side of the rooftop.

10. Use double-sided tape on the bottom 2¼-inch flaps of each triangle and tape to the lid of the box to make the roof.


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