8 Great Kid-Friendly Apps

Age-appropriate app recommendations for children 1 to 10 years old.

Nowadays, kids are so tech savvy. Hand them your smartphone or iPad and they’ll easily maneuver their way through options you never knew you had. With fun at their fingertips, it’s up to you to load your devices with apps that will provide endless entertainment, both amusing and educational. Check out these top picks from parents and experts.

Ages 1 to 3

One Rainy Day: A Read-Along, Play-Along Story About Colors

Activities are so fun, kids won’t realize that they’re building early learning skills, such as colors, reading comprehension and following directions. $1.99, padgadget.com.

Ages 2 to 3

Good Night ABC

The line between learning and play is virtually non-existent. Children discover letters, vocabulary, colors, numbers, the basics of nature and technology. $1.99, goodnightabc.com.

Ages 2 to 5

Monkey Preschool Lunchbox

Six exciting educational games with no confusing menus or navigation. Children learn  about colors, letters, counting, shapes,  differences and matching. 99¢, monkeypreschool.com.

Ages 3 to 5

ABC Go Little Explorers

Children are exposed to a world of vehicles as they explore with trucks, trains, cars and more. Children learn new words through sight, sound and touch. $2.99, peapodlabs.com.

Ages 3 to 7

Even Monsters Get Sick

Children can read, listen, touch, play and interact with Harry and his loveable new pet monster through six games intertwined with the storyline. $1.99, padgadget.com.

Ages 3+

Birthday Party Playtime

A creative, fun game that stimulates imagination and encourages storytelling. Friends can join in the fun. $1.99, tocaboca.com.

Ages 2 to 5

Playground HD2-Smart Kids Edition

Jam-packed with fun, favorite childhood games, such as Tic-Tac-Toe, Connect 4, shell game, numbers, Mills and Mastermind. $2.99, janessig.com.

Ages 5 to 10

Sushi Monster

Nice design and visual appeal makes math practice fun for kids. Strengthens reasoning strategies, reinforces whole number addition, subtraction, multiplication, etc. FREE, apple.com/iTunes.


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