Shake it Up - An Entertaining Cinco de Mayo Activity for the Kids



Wondering what to do with all of those left over plastic Easter eggs? With a few simple materials, your child can transform them into festive maracas. Perfect for a Cinco de Mayo celebration!

How to Make Sock Bunnies Using Orphaned Socks

We’ve got the perfect Easter décor solution using orphaned socks; so don’t throw those mate-less toe warmers away! Have the kids dig through their sock drawer, so you can whip up a batch of Easter bunnies.

Easter Bunny Rolls that Will Make Everyone Hoppy!

Use your favorite bread dough recipe or pick some up from the grocery store. With a few twists and sprinkles, you and your child can make delicious Easter Bunny Rolls that will have the whole family hopping for joy.

Pearlridge Center's Butterfly Conservatory

An up close, and we mean REALLY up close, encounter with butterflies right in the mall.

Despicably Adorable Minion Easter Egg Treats

The Aucellos have not had enough of these adorable guys. We saw some Minion Easter eggs on Pinterest and had to give them a try. We also found some cute treats fillers that would work great for a party.

Chasing Rainbows

Whether or not the leprechauns visit your house, you can make a treasure hunt your child is sure to remember. 

Tips for Traveling With Children

Traveling with children soon? Here are a few tried and true tricks to make the journey go smoothly. 

Shamrock Pancakes

Surprise your little ones this St. Patrick’s Day with Shamrocks for breakfast. If they ask why they are green, tell them the leprechauns must have messed with the ingredients.

Valentine’s Day Lunch Ideas

Surprise your child with one of these lovable Valentine’s Day ideas for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Short on time? Invite the kids to help. They can even make their own Valentine’s Day theme lunch.

Tips for the Punahou Carnival

From the scrip booth with the shortest lines to a not-so-crowded spot for a picnic, here are insider tips from Punahou parents.