Create your own snow day with Hawaiian Ice

Many kids in Hawaii grow up without knowing what it’s like to play in the snow. And, while some parents opt to make snow stops to Big Bear while in California or Lake Tahoe en route to Reno in the wintertime, there’s actually a cheaper option than traveling with your family to the Mainland.

For $250 to $300 a ton, Hawaiian Ice Co. can bring three tons of snow to you at your private residence. You may have seen them at snow events, such as the Kapolei Snow Day. But, instead of having to stand in hour-long lines for only eight minutes of fun, this allows your kids to enjoy a few hours of snow play on their own. The best part is, compared to snow play on the Mainland, your kids won’t freeze to death, because it’s still only 70 degrees outside.

Tips and Recommendations:
Dress for snow. I recommend tennis shoes, long pants and a jacket for kids. Slippers live up to their name and actually make you slip in the snow once it turns to ice. Have spare clothes to change into in the event their clothes get wet, or they may just catch a cold (like my kid did).

If you plan to have the snow in the street (or cul-de-sac), expect that other neighborhood kids will be joining in the fun.

Here are some of the details.

You will want to book it a couple of weeks in advance so Hawaiian Ice Co. can check your site to make sure the machinery will fit. Set up takes about an hour for three tons of snow.  Clean up is as simple as waiting for it to melt. So make sure you have good drainage in the area.

Visit for more information or call 538-6918.


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