Vegetable Garden “Dirt” Cups with Ranch Dip

Vegetable Garden “Dirt” Cups with Ranch Dip


Encourage your child to eat their veggies by making them fun to eat.


2Cuppumpernickel pretzels or dark-corn-chip crumbs
2CupHidden Valley Ranch Light Dressing
  Variety of vegetables for dipping: mini carrots with tops, pea pods, mini sunburst squash, celery sticks, green beans, etc.


1.     Crush the pumpernickel pretzels or dark-corn chips until mixture resembles dirt.
2.     Pour a layer of  “dirt” crumbs into the bottom of a clear container (or for single servings, pour into paper cups).  
3.    Pour dressing over crumbs, then add a thicker layer of dirt crumbs on top.
4.    Place vegetables into dirt crumbs cup or serve them on the side to dip.

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